Aquino Administration



›Aquino’s term cited as ‘golden age’ of education by Merlina Malipot


The article describes in detail the needs and the status of the country upon implementing the K to 12 program. The K-12 Education program by the Department of Education, said to reorganize the basic and secondary education curriculum by adding two more years to the educational system of the Philippines. It is arguably one of the most drastic and controversial programs of the Aquino administration. It describes in detail the need for more teachers and classrooms, increasing number of students, the budget necessary for the program, and the computerization of over 46,000 schools. Is the Philippines ready for this type of advancement in education? The K-12 program is a very good project if you will fully understand its context. It will really help the students be more competitive and will enable them to catch more experience and knowledge. But with the current situation of the country is it really suitable to implement this project now? This sounds good but does it really address the problem concerning the country’s out-of-school youth. My question is how? when in fact, students and parents complain that it would be an added burden to them particularly to poor families. It is human nature to prioritize physiologic needs before anything else. This in return might just result to a higher drop-out rate. I have nothing against the k-12 program, in fact I’m in favor of it, but what I’m trying to imply is “isn’t it better to concentrate on other matters such as poverty or addressing the lacking factors for this project before implementing it? DepEd should focus more on quality before quantity. What the poor performing students direly needs is for the development and establishment of a quality education system that caters to their needs. Making education longer in our “country’s current situation” does not guarantee quality education.

›The Philippines under the Aquino Administration by the Official Gazette of the Government


This article is primarily chosen to point out the perspective of the government itself on the different issues of the country. It explains the effort of the government and their advocacy to a good public service. In this article, much is elaborated about the achievements of the Aquino Administration since it is from the official gazette of the government. The administration has a lot of accomplishment. The growth of our GDP is one good evidence for that. When Benigno (Noynoy) Aquino was elected in May 2010, it was a huge wave of hope that swept him in a landslide victory into the office of the Philippine President. He promised a lot of things and changes. Let’s take a look on a few of these promises:

  • hope that he would bring back honesty as guiding principle into the actions and decisions of this office
  • hope that the lawlessness, high levels of violence, corruption, human rights violations and impunity would finally find an end;
  • hope that the hardened poverty of more than 25% of the fast growing population would finally be reduced
  • hope that he would be able to bring peace to the country which was suffering for more than 40 years from fighting with the Mindanao based Muslim Rebellion and the armed campaign of Maoist in many rural provinces all over the country.

President Noynoy really is different from his previous predecessors, he does not use his office to enrich himself, his family or influence for projects and contracts. And at several occasions, he has made it clear that he also does not tolerate corruption and nepotism from the other members of the national government. However, corruption is still a pressing matter in our government today. Even the vice president himself is affiliated to an issue of corruption.

The administration also launched a handful of projects to eliminate poverty. This is a good sign that the administration is really dedicated to uplift the people who are suffering from poverty. Even though I already expect that poverty will not be eliminated in the longevity of his term, since poverty is very hard to eradicate, but the actions that the administration has taken sets the foundation.

(SONA Special Report): Aquino Admin Fulfills Education Agenda Concerns by PNA


This article scrutinizes the readiness of the Philippines for the K to 12 program and what are the plans of DepEd and other educational institutions to successfully implement the program. It also tackles the benefits of the K to 12 program.

The intention is good but the proposed solution is questionable. Will it yield the desired outcome or just result to a greater problem? Budget deficit is still one of the foremost problems of our country but if they claim that resources are at hand, then why not allocate this to a more prominent and direct problem of our education. Among the main issues that relates to this are the number of schools and classrooms, the number of teachers, and even the availability of books and other school supplies.

With the view of our education system, I would like to quote this phrase by Yam Flores which is for me a perfect phrase to say to address this issue. “The predicament of the Philippine education system rooted not on the number of years spent in the academic institutions but rather on the conditions and foundation on which it keeps going.”




The best article for me is the “(SONA Special Report): Aquino Admin Fulfills Education Agenda Concerns” by PNA. In this article it is well elaborated the needs of our education system with regards to the K-12 program. It shows us the status of the program, what is lacking and how it will address the quality of our education. It also explicitly declares the goals of the program. Although the program is good there is much yet to be done, more pressing issues must first be addressed before this program can be fully be optimized by its beneficiaries. In the current situation this program would more likely be viewed by many as a burden rather than an educational advancement.

-Paulo O. Capistrano-




This article talks about the Kalusugang Pangkalahatan or Universal Health Care which is the current thrust of the Aquino Administration in order to bridge the gap and reduce barriers to health care, reduce social exclusion and work towards universal coverage of delivering health services to Filipinos. This project by the DOH is very helpful for everyone. This summit aims to capture, share, and scale-up local health practices and interventions proven effective in increasing access to quality mother and child health care newborn services. DOH launched the High-Impact Five (Hi-5) last May 2015, which focuses on Maternal Health Care, Infant Care, Child Care, HIV/AIDS, and Service Delivery Network. This strategy aims to produce the greatest improvement in health outcomes especially in 43 priority provinces. Educating the public on these certain issues is a very effective way to achieve their goal. It would be much pleasure to see if the program will be launched not only to those priority provinces but even to those more remote areas of the country.

› The National Health Insurance Program in the Philippines: Critical Challenges and Future Directions by Maricel T.  Fernandez, Alex B. Brillantes Jr and  Abigail Modino


The paper shows the Universal health care has been a value articulated by recent administrations and been given priority by the Aquino Administration and studies the improvement of the former laws (RA 7875 and 9241) into The new law (RA 10606).

The new law passed (RA 10606) is an improvement that aims to address the issue of unequal access to health services and the large share of household out of pocket spending in total health expenditures. This will be helpful to increase accessibility of health care to the poor. It is an advantage that a law has been passed for the protection of the right to health of every Filipino but the implementation is where really the problems arise. Will the government be able to provide results or will these law will be just an additional page to our country’s book of stagnant laws? The Effects are still yet to be measured and felt.


›Awareness: Providing health insurance coverage for all Filipinos by The Manila Bulletin


This article is chosen because it highlight another program under the Aquino administration which is the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP). Through this program, great service and more accessible and affordable health benefits are provided to every Filipino. Same as the other articles, every aim of government health programs is to be able to reach every single Filipino and provide health benefits. My reaction for these types of program is that the government must not wither and continue to provide these kinds of services to the people. There is a saying that health is wealth. The more of these kinds of programs, the better for the Filipino people.


Among these articles the best in depth analysis on health programs of the country under Aquino Administration would be “The National Health Insurance Program in the Philippines: Critical Challenges and Future Directions” By Maricel T. Fernandez, Alex B. Brillantes Jr and Abigail Modino. Health laws are very helpful to us Filipinos. Improvements should continuously be made so that the quality providing health care would be addressed. Since we are one of the third world countries, health is one of the very important matter in our society.

-Paulo O. Capistrano-


PNoy failing on the environmental front


This article tackles the performance of Aquino’s Administration on the first two years in the service that concerns the environment. Green peace says that the current administration is lacking determination in terms of enforcing environmental laws. Also, the administration is having troubles on pursuing its commitments to advance green goals. Based on the survey of Green Peace, the government’s environmental performance remains unimpressive. The government should have not focused on using polluting fossil fuels but instead use renewal energy.  His administration is pro coal rather than pro renewal energy. The government should start to implement the use of renewable alternatives because sooner or later, the people of the Philippines will need it to prevent the shortage of electricity.

Green peace also said that the performance of the government remains middling and their commitment and promises are being contradicted by the policies that they are implementing.  But on the positive side, the government has implemented one of the best policies which is called as “total log ban” policy and remains faithful on. For my opinion, the government needs more time to accomplish their promises concerning environment.


Climate change environment barely in PNoy’s SONA


This article is about Pnoy’s SONA not focusing on the long term effect of the climate change for the vulnerable sector; instead he focused on saying the gains about disaster risk reduction. He also missed out talking about the environment issues. For me, the government should focus on the effects of climate change because climate change is continuous. He should continue on implementing laws about protecting the environment so the effect of the climate change will not cause a big disaster to our country. He should also prioritize the use of renewable energy as it will be more affordable in the long term and will be better for public health and the environment. If the president wants to make the Philippine known for its natural attractions, improve tourism, and protect his people from natural disaster, then he should prioritize protecting our environments.

-Stephanie Ann Montojo-


Philippine Economy and Benigno Aquino III’s Presidency (2010 – 2016)


One of the main blah blah to measure the growth of a country is by looking at its Gross Domestic Product. Based on the article, the GDP of the Philippines grew for about 6.5% in the year 2015 and could have been exceeded in the year 2016 if not due to the over spending in the election period. It’s one of the biggest growths in GDP for the Philippine History. The Philippine performance marks a bright spot in a fairly depressed economic world in this decade. The main reasons of the growth in GDP are the remittances from the OFWs and the rapid growth of the BPO businesses in our country. Also, the intensified collection of taxes and the reform on tax collection added in the economic growth of the country.

For my opinion, I can say that the administration is doing very well in terms of the stabilizing the economy of the Philippines. Its big effort on collecting tax, eliminating and arresting the corrupt officials in the government made a big difference in the economy. The effort also on making the Philippine economy look bright and promising attracts the investors. Thanks to the good governance of Pnoy.


In just 6 years, Noynoy Aquino’s record of failure is now worse than all of the Marcos years


This article talks about the failures of the Aquino Administration in the economy. The first part of the articles says that the current administration makes the Filipinos think that this country is safe and far different from the Marcos’ Administration who first initialized Martial law in the Philippines. Philippine mainstream media and other showbiz personalities allied with his government created the illusion that the country is better off under the Aquinos. But on the middle part of the the article, the author focused on the “horror of the Martial Law” that is still happening now, including corruption and issues about freedom. The article tackled about the illegal detention of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that said to be manipulated by the Aquino Administration, second is the mismanagement of the funds under the Disbursement Acceleration Program, they say that the funds were just sitting around in a bank account somewhere, then that’s proof of his incompetence. He could have used that to fix vital infrastructure and modernize the country’s defense force. The author also said that he would not be surprised if he has authorized the use of the funds for campaign purposes in order to ensure his party retain power in the coming election. Third, is the problem about traffic and NAIA being called the “worst airport” in the world.

For my opinion, I think Aquino is just doing his work in implementing laws and protecting the public funds. Maybe he’s not corrupt but the officials under his administration. In relation with the airport and traffic, I think the DPWH and MMDA is doing their best to minimize the traffic in the country, it’s just there are too many cars sold and commuters in the country. On the other hand, the airport was already renovated and improved its facilities. It will really take some time to improve the infrastructures in the Philippines and removed the corrupt public officials in the government and Pnoy.

-Stephanie Ann Montojo-




4 Scenarios if Bangsamoro Bill is not passed


It’s been years since the BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law) was introduced and offered as a solution to the endless war on territory in Mindanao, every administration have already tried to make amends of the Muslims and rebels in the area but so far only manage to provide temporary peace between the government and the rebels specifically  the MILF. The BBL is a bill that seeks to make the ARMM of instead a unitary or presidential form of government into a parliamentary form which will give them more functions. Certain changes on the said bill were already been made to make both sides agree on  one thing, but so far, more conflicts and gray areas appear that makes the MILF side to disagree on the terms and conditions of the law. Although the MILF has agreed to continue to have peace and contain the violence as much as they can, it won’t be long until the rebels get tired of waiting and do something to make them act faster.

In the scenarios that was given in the article, all of these only leads to one thing and one thing only, and it is that this will be just another temporary solution against the rebels in Mindanao. Also, these scenarios does not have a “non-violence” content in it. What I mean is that no matter who is sitting as a president right now and in the future, violence will continue, and as the government took their time on handling, revising and discussing each side’s terms and condition they cannot really fully contain the rising level of the blood that is already in their hands. It is true that pen is mightier than the sword and passing this bill as a law (with fairness to both sides) will really help us attain peace in the island. But, I also believe that action truly speaks louder than words and the way I see it, as this bill takes more time to be pass, it will also take more patience out of the rebels and it will only be a matter of time before they snap.

So as a suggestion to the next administration, stop corrupting the money of the people, assemble special task force in case things gets out of hand, which is really inevitable, and prepare our military with the best equipment not just to fight the rebels but to save as many innocent people as we can. If they really are planning to increase the time of the discussion of the bill, we should also increase the preparation to the possibility of a war against the rebels while we are trying to prevent it. You may not see things the way I see it but I want you to know that it is the truth, we are having a cold war against people that is living in the same land as ours, and we must find a permanent solution to resolve this issue. Remember, too much cold bites.

Aquino creates West Philippine Sea Task Force


Another issue that is going on for years and administration after administration is the territorial battle between China and the Philippines. This topic has been there for quite long time now and still, the two countries cannot agree on which belongs to who and which is not. The Aquino administration, creates a task force which is a really good move to prevent more oppression of the Chinese government to Filipinos who are fishing and making a living within the waters of the West Philippine Sea. This move of Aquino can help maintain the sovereignty of the state in the waters, this can assure other Filipinos living or making a living near those waters that they are protected by the government. This might be a good move but I think this type of action is still not enough to truly stop the Chinese on taking the island using its military forces, this just might be a start on resolving the oppression issues of the Chinese to the Filipinos.

I always believed that if something is really yours you have to fight for it. But with our current military situation I think a military fight against China would put us in an impossible situation of winning. The ASEAN Community has also been supportive on taking on the wrong doings of the Chinese government, although discussions with every country involve seems to have no effect on the stand of the Chinese to back off, it only seems to agitate them and make them more persistent on taking what they believe is theirs even the numbers doesn’t add up for them. Even the US have been taking precautions and monitoring the movements of the Chinese government on the island, like the building of a Chinese military base on the island or the staying of the Chinese warship on the coasts of the island to serve as warning to those who tried to enter the territory.

Back on the actions of our government to the situation, I think that this is where we can really start in defending our rights to those territories and by this, the next administration can begin with something and avoid on going back to the drawing board. So my advice to the next administrations is, first, ensure that the Filipinos living near those lands is safe from the oppression of the Chinese government. Second, is to try to make amends and reach an agreement with the other party to attain lasting peace and avoid a possibility of having a war that we cannot really win. In line with this, the third and final thing is to gain allies, like the US, to assist us and help us if we really came in a not so pretty situation against the Chinese government. They say, prevention is better than cure, but there are things that we cannot really prevent from happening and if that comes we need to be prepared and have everything we needed in order to cure the disease.



COA: Yolanda fund, donations did not reach victims


It is true that the Typhoon Yolanda is one of the most destructive typhoons that hits the country aside from Typhoon Ondoy. And as every disaster that comes, help and donations by the people whether by money, clothes, food or even service is given not only by the people within the country but also international assistance is provided to us. The recent disaster that left the provinces of Leyte and Tacloban devastated touched the heart of the people around the globe and sent every help they can give to assist the people of these provinces on standing back up after a major calamity on their lives. But from the reports the COA has given, not even a centavo have touched the hands of the victims. From these reports it is said that almost 90% of the funds still remain untouched and just sitting on the banks while people of the affected areas tries hard to get back up by their own. The Aquino administration is still being questioned about this issue especially the DILG Secretary of that time which is now one of the presidential candidate of the country, Mar Roxas. It seems that the administration did a stupid thing on keeping P700M of donations sitting on the bank, this money can help the two province to establish a new life on trying to forget what happened to them.

This type of issues is no longer new in the country for our government is full of people who only thinks of their own asses and only want everything for themselves. It is said that giving the donations to the victims need to go through proper procedure. Here’s what I think, why don’t you dump your stupid procedures and just help the people who in dire need of them. People cannot wait for the approval of every person in the government to gain help, they deserve it, it is their right to have the government QUICKLY give them every help they can get in order to be financially secured after a major calamity. After all, those donations are for the victims not for the government so why the hell would they use it to fund other stuff besides helping the victims of the typhoon. These administration certainly fail on acting on situations like this.

As a suggestion for the next administration, release the Yolanda fund, if you cannot directly give them the actual money, use it to develop the provinces in order for them to be more ready than before if ever another strong typhoon hits them. I get the fact that we need an emergency money for calamities, but can we not use the money to prevent on going to an actual emergency or at least use them to make the emergency less serious? You don’t have to use all of it to help them, but use MOST of the money to help the people, especially the victims. We cannot sit and wait for another calamity hits before using these resources, we should act now to protect the people for the possibility of another.



Enrile, Revilla, 18 others tagged in new PDAF case


Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or popularly known as Pork Barrel is designed to allow legislators to fund small-scale infrastructure or community projects which fell outside the scope of the national infrastructure program, which was often restricted to large infrastructure items. This money comes from the bloated income tax which supposed to be put in to good and develop cities and provinces. Instead, many of the members of the government who supposed to serve the people did nothing but to serve their wallets and keep most of the given funds for themselves especially the now famous Janet Napoles who is not even a government official. The article states that there are many people involve in this type of scam, and some of them are also just victims of oppressors inside our government. It states that all of this stealing is nothing but an old school inside job of the politicians.

After reading the confessions of former workers in approving NGO projects, what saddens me is not that the officials my parents vote for steals from them, it’s the fact that a Filipino politician is abusing (verbally and mentally) and threatening fellow countrymen just to fill their accounts with big numbers. This money is supposed to help our country grow so that there will be no more citizen who will famish or be uneducated or be unemployed or even underemployed. These politicians are chosen by the citizen of this country in order for them to lead us to brighter days, to a better place. But instead, we are going to darker days, and the country just keeps on falling apart from the inside out, and the only way to fix this is also from the inside.

My suggestion to the next administration, make an overhaul check up on the government system we have. Remove people who you know can do no good and have no intention on helping the country to grow. Start by giving the people the things they deserve, the development and growth we are dying to see in the country.

-Rwoell Mikko Q. Cabailo-


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